When you choose Viet Agri Wholesale as your commercial partner and the contract is valid, you must follow Viet Agri Wholesale’s policies to ensure your rights are protected and strictly enforced.

We are committed to securing your personal information and to fully implement the relevant policies and obligations before the contract is completed.

1. Personal information

We collect your personal information through the order such as: Recipient’s name, shipping address, phone number, email… And this information is used to serve in the order fulfillment process.

2. Access device information

When you search for and visit products on our website, we automatically collect information such as how you were referred to our website and what you do on our website (information URLs, cookies, etc.)

3. Other policies

In addition, to serve successfully delivered orders, we also need you to know and implement policies on shipping, payment, and delivery. We promise that all information you provide will not be disclosed to any other 3rd party.