Shipping And Delivery

1. Shipping Information

Currently, we only have factories producing and supplying agricultural products in Vietnam, so shipping to other countries is absolutely necessary. As soon as you place an order at Nghia Hoan Viet Agri Export successfully, we will pack and ship the goods to you. From that time, you agreed to the terms and requirements provided in the signed contract.

2. Delivery

Nghia Hoan Viet Agri Export’s agricultural products are usually transported by land and sea. However, for large orders that need to be delivered quickly, we also offer air shipping.

2.1. Sample Delivery

We are willing to provide FREE samples to customers, but you have to pay the shipping fee.

To help customers experience and evaluate the product directly, we will send samples with the specified quantity according to each product type. You can request a form of transport such as road, sea or air. However, in order to receive the sample as soon as possible, we recommend that you use the air method. By this way, you will receive the sample within 3-5 days.

2.2. Order Delivery

For orders, besides the shipping method we also classify by the weight of the order:

Small packages: door-to-door shipping & all-in shipping

Depending on the customer’s preference, Nghia Hoan Viet Agri Export will send small products in either door-to-door or all-in shipping formats. Furthermore, well-known companies like DHL, VPS, FedEx, and TNT ship sample orders. As a result, these businesses will make sure you have a reasonable delivery time.

Large volume packages: containers, semi-covered or bareboat.

When ordered from Nghia Hoan Viet Agri Export, large volume packages with high value will be shipped by sea in containers, partially covered, or bareboat. Additionally, there is a complicated customs process, so delivery will cost more.

3. Benefits of shipping methods

We provide 3 shipping methods for customers to choose from when ordering because each method has different benefits, suitable for each customer’s conditions.

3.1. Benefits of road transport

This is a suitable shipping method for customers in a country that shares a border with Vietnam. Road transport has simple administrative procedures. Besides, the cost of road transport is the cheapest of the three modes of transport mentioned above.

Road transport is also flexible, highly adaptable to terrain and climate conditions. It helps to transport directly from warehouse to warehouse, from production to consumption, and is very mobile.

3.2. Benefits of sea shipping

Sea shipping is the most used form of transportation today by import and export businesses. Sea freight is used to transport long-term goods, especially international shipments.

Transport routes are more comfortable and open than road transport. We can transport many goods with a large volume and size. The cost of transporting goods is also not too high compared to road transport, so in cities with seaports, this mode of sea transport is often used.

3.3. Benefits of air shipping

This is the most cost-effective form of transportation but the best time-efficient because airmail is very fast.

Air shipping makes it easy to ship goods overseas. The problem of collision is also less likely because the accident rate is very low, ensuring better safety for goods. Instead of waiting 1-2 weeks for sea shipping, it can only take 3-5 days if you use air shipping.