Order And Payment Policy

1. Order process

In order to order successfully, here are our policies:

  • For raw finished product, we will give you samples according to your request of product types and quantity.
  • There is at least a ton minimum on orders of this product.
  • We guarantee that both the Vietnamese and international standards will be met by our raw materials. We will tell you where we’re from, what factory made your product, and what specs your order requires.
  • Once you’ve approved the order and made payment, we’ll get to work processing, checking, packing, and shipping everything to you.
  • Your order will be checked and updated in every single detail.

2. Payment policy

Make sure that you have read our policies carefully so as to avoid any mistakes and misunderstand during our business.

2.1. For orders less than $20,000 USD

Wire transfers are currently available at every bank in Vietnam, no matter how big or little. A bank account is mandatory. Additionally, you’ll need the money transferor’s details, including:

  • Code: There will be a unique code for each financial institution in the globe that may be used to determine the origin of a transaction and the sender’s bank.
  • It takes two to three business days for the funds to appear in your account after the bank has processed the transfer. After that, the foreign currency to VND would take three to four hours.
  • Wire transfers are a convenient way to send and receive money because the funds are always converted to US dollars.
  • However, the transfer price is high, and there are numerous agreements required due to the large number of institutions involved. The cost ranges from $30 to $50. (depending on the amount you withdraw).

2.2. Order and payment for wire transfers via Western Union and MoneyGram

  • Both Western Union and MoneyGram are quick options for sending money abroad.
  • Sender and receiver names, passport numbers, email addresses, and bank account numbers must all be disclosed.
  • In order to complete the transaction, you must pay the remittance charge and send the required amount using the designated method.
  • Don’t forget the VietAgri money transfer code.

2.3. Paypal

  • Accept payments quickly and easily with PayPal.
  • You can pay us via a bank account, credit card, or debit card.

2.4 Third-party money transfers

Paying VietAgri in Vietnam requires proper identity and adherence to general regulations, both of which your partner or friend must provide on your behalf.

2. For contractual purchases over $20,000 USD,

For order over $20,000, we require a formal purchase order.

2.1. Commercial representative

  • Transferring funds via a neutral third-party legal-commercial intermediary is strongly recommended.
  • Our business and its clients will coordinate with the service provider indirectly, via that worker.
  • This type of settlement helps reduce potential downsides and maximize potential gains for all parties involved in the transaction.
  • Because the middleman must be a business with its own separate legal identity from that of the service provider and the third party.
  • In addition to bolstering product safety, this expedites the fulfillment of the sales contract’s terms for both parties.

2.2. L/C, or letter of credit

It is necessary to provide the L/C beneficiary with a documented conditional payment commitment from a financial institution (often a bank).

  • Documents required by the L/C should be submitted.
  • Assure the L/C holder that VietAgri will deliver the promised goods or services by the deadline.
  • We comply with the credit’s terms by delivering goods or providing services, completing necessary paperwork, and submitting the whole package to the originating bank or nominated bank on the due date.
  • We will supply the draft, commercial invoice, bill of lading, insurance documents, certificate of origin, product name, amount, weight, packing, and any other information required by the bank’s L/C.
  • Please take note that we only make L/C payments to banks outside the top 30 in the globe. Vietcombank is our primary business partner.