1. Who are Nghia Hoan Viet Agri Export

Nghia Hoan Viet Agri Export is one of the first Vietnamese wholesalers to supply agricultural products to the world market. We are proud to be the leading experts in the agricultural industry and want to bring the best quality products to users around the world. Recognizing that the essential needs of agricultural products in daily life are increasing, we are constantly improving product quality, expanding production scale to be able to meet the demand in the market.

Established in 1995, Nghia Hoan Viet Agri Export provides a wide range of products such as wholesale rice, wholesale coffee, wholesale cinnamon, wholesale star anise… So far, we have conquered many fastidious markets in the world with its quality products. The wholesale products of Nghia Hoan Viet Agri Export at reasonable prices will bring great economic profits to buyers.

2. Which products wholesale does Nghia Hoan Viet Agri Export supply

Nghia Hoan Viet Agri Export will provide high quality agricultural products in Vietnam to world markets:

  • Wholesale rice
  • Wholesale coffee
  • Wholesale pepper
  • Wholesale star anise
  • Wholesale cinnamon
  • Wholesale cashew

Nghia Hoan Viet Agri Export will provide you with basic product information, product features and prices. In addition, we also offer the most reasonable wholesale prices in the market to create economic advantages for buyers. Our products are diverse and qualified international standards, so buyers can be assured of the quality and prestige when receiving the products.

3. Who are our target customers

As the leading agricultural wholesaler in Vietnam, Nghia Hoan Viet Agri Export welcomes all buyers interested in high quality agricultural products. No matter the geographical location, country, … we always have policies to support shipping, insurance with foreign customers when ordering wholesale products. Our agricultural products are a reasonable choice for those who want to earn huge economic benefits.