Wholesale Black Pepper Huge Bargain For Buyer In The World

In this article, we’ll discuss the development trend of wholesale black pepper in the world, popular types of wholesale black pepper in the world, the price of wholesale black pepper in the world, and how to choose superior wholesale black pepper. We’ll also discuss product specifications, certifications, and shipping options when choosing a wholesale black pepper supplier. Wholesale black pepper can expand your product line, lower production costs, and boost profits. Let’s discover wholesale black pepper’s huge savings for global buyers.

1. Development trend of wholesale black pepper in the world

Black pepper production has remained stable and the cultivated land has almost remained the same in recent times. However, the global demand for wholesale black pepper is currently on an increasing trend, resulting in supply unable to meet demand.

The reason for this is that after the Covid pandemic, industries are returning to the economic race, restoring production lines and increasing demand for spicies, specially pepper. The potential pepper wholesale market gets back from the Covid pandemic and Black pepper is widely used as a spice as well as an ingredient in medicine. Therefore, when people return to normal life after the epidemic, there will be a higher demand for finished products from black pepper. Black pepper is widely used in India and Southeast Asian countries to make medicine and spices; Black pepper in the European market, especially France, Turkey, Germany, is used to research anti-inflammatory drugs, cancer, prevent cell damage, etc.

The increased consumption of black pepper is also the reason for the increase in the wholesale black pepper. Buying black pepper at wholesale prices will help buyers save a profit compared to buying retail. Pepper wholesalers will take advantage of themselves when owning a large volume because black pepper can always be consumed quickly, without being in stock.

Market Quantity of pepper produced in 2021 (MT)   
Việt Nam 260.989
Brazil 92.065
Indonesia 37.738
Malaysia 21.977

These are the top 4 countries providing the largest wholesale black pepper production in the world. Taking first place is Vietnam with an output of 260989 MT/year. Followed by Brazil, Indonesia, and Malaysia…The topographical features of these countries are tropical or subtropical climates, with two distinct seasons: sunny and rainy. The soil is suitable for the growth of pepper plants.

Importers should choose to buy wholesale black pepper in these countries because the quantity is large and stable for supplying pepper to customers and the price will be affordable. Black pepper’s quality is good and meets international standards. 


The global demand for wholesale black pepper is currently on an increasing trend

2. Popular types of wholesale black pepper in the world

Each type of black pepper wholesale will bring different benefits depending on the end use of the buyer. They have advantages and limitations that importers need to be aware of. 

2.1.  Black peppercorns wholesale

Wholesale black pepper seeds are peppers that are often less processed by machines during processing, still keeping the seeds as they were originally harvested. This is the most popular type of wholesale pepper which is exported more and more.

  • The production process of black peppercorns: In order to have black peppercorns with the high quality, it is necessary to go through the following stages:

Step 1: Purifying: Black peppercorns is put into a specialized machine used to screen impurities mixed in black pepper: impurities and dust. This machine can separate about 90% of impurities mixed in pepper, ensuring the amount of impurities is lower than 13%.

Step 2: Sorting by size: After being separated from impurities, black peppercorns is classified into 4 sizes: sized from F2.5 mm – F4.5 mm; from F4.5 mm – F4.9mm; from F4.9mm – F5.5mm; more than F5.5mm. Black peppercorns selected for export have sizes from 5 mm to 5.5 mm.

Step 3: Drying: The drying system uses two continuous stages including two heat floors. The black pepper drying capacity is adjusted in accordance with the moisture content of the raw materials to ensure the aroma of black pepper.

Step 4: Packing: Black peppercorns will be divided into bags and packed.

  • Advantages of wholesale black pepper seeds: Firstly, buyers will have to pay less for buying large quantities of black pepper than for black pepper powder because black peppercorns undergo less processing. Buyers also do not have to pay tax or pay little tax on wholesale black peppercorns because black peppercorns is considered an agricultural raw material so it is not taxed for export. Black peppercorns export about 60-70% of the total black pepper production in the world, so buyers can be proactive with the market if they can own a huge volume of wholesale black peppercorns. Finally, buyers can use black peppercorns for a variety of purposes because they can be used for many different fields.
  • Disadvantage of wholesale black pepper seeds: Buyers must be careful when transporting black pepper to their facility as it can easily become moldy if not stored properly. When transporting by ship or plane, you can use pallets to place under the black peppercorns to prevent the black pepper from directly contacting the floor. In addition, it is possible to wrap many large bags or packages to prevent black peppercorns from being torn and the pepper to fall out causing damage to the quantity.

The process of making wholesale black pepper is very careful and meticulous

2.2. Wholesale powdered black pepper

Powdered black pepper is used less for export but also brings certain benefits to buyers due to its use. This type is usually used to buy retailers to final customers. 

  • The production process of powdered black pepper: Black pepper powder goes through the same first three steps as black peppercorns, however, the black peppers selected for grinding will range in size from 2.5 mm to 4.9 mm. With ground black pepper wholesale transactions, the process to create the product is similar to powder, but the finished product after grinding will be slightly larger from 5mm-7mm. After screening and drying, the black peppercorns will be put into the mill system to become powdered pepper. Depending on the requirements of the buyer, the supplier will grind finely with grades. Based on the requirements of clients the process of grinding will be longer or shorter into ground black pepper or powder black pepper.
  • Advantages of wholesale powdered black pepper: Buyers can save time if they do not have to grind black peppers by themselves and save production line investment costs because a specialized mill is required to make powdered pepper. Buyers can be assured when transporting powdered black pepper because they are also easier to store than black peppercorns because they have been carefully processed through many stages.  
  • Disadvantages of wholesale black pepper powder:  First, buyers will have to pay more for powdered black pepper than for black peppercorns because of the worker’s effort. Because the suppliers have to hire workers to grind the coffee and pay extra for the packaging: vacuum sealer, moisture-proof package. When buying large quantities of black pepper powder, it is easy to add impurities so buyers should check your order carefully. Because black peppers after grinding is difficult to use the naked eye to check if they are pepper powder or impurities. You can use your nose to smell the aroma or taste to know the spiciness of the pepper.

Wholesale black pepper powder is one of the favorite types in the world

3. Price of wholesale black pepper in the world

For wholesalers, the price when buying large quantities of black pepper is the top concern because it directly affects the buyer’s profit. Let’s update its prices on the market today.

3.1. Price of wholesale black peppercorns

The four largest wholesale black pepper seeds exporting countries today include Vietnam, Brazil, Malaysia and Indonesia. Black pepper wholesalers will mainly import from these countries at the following prices:

Country Price of black peppercorns (USD/MT)
Vietnam (550g/l) 3050
Brazil (ASTA) 2575
Indonesia (Muntok) 3653
Malaysia (Lampung) 5100

Wholesale Black Peppercorns Price In Some Countries (Source: IPC)

It can be seen that the price of wholesale black pepper seeds in Vietnam and Brazil is cheaper than the other countries because the output of these two countries is the world’s leading exporter. Thanks to the large volume production, buyers of black peppercorns from two countries will receive a lower price when importing from another country.

  • Black pepper in Vietnam: Vietnam is the leading country in pepper wholesale production. The price of wholesale black pepper in Vietnam is usually cheaper because Vietnam can supply large quantities of black pepper wholesale. Vietnam has soil conditions, and subtropical climate suitable for growing pepper, so the output is 2-3 times higher than other countries. The government also creates favorable conditions for Vietnamese farmers in training in planting techniques, funding and fertilizers… so that farmers can develop this key cash crop. Thanks to the above factors, the wholesale price of black pepper in Vietnam is very reasonable.
  • Black pepper in Brazil: Brazil’s black pepper to the world ranks second after Vietnam, so the price of wholesale black pepper in this country is also cheap because there is an abundant supply. Brazil is also promoting the expansion of pepper growing area to be able to compete in the quantity of pepper for export with Vietnam.
  • Black pepper in Malaysia: Malaysia is a developing country in terms of pepper growing area quickly and also focuses on the quality of pepper for export. The scent of Malaysian black pepper is appreciated and loved by European buyers, so the price of Malaysian wholesale black pepper is very high.

3.2. Price of wholesale powdered black pepper 

In fact, there are not too many countries in the world that can export powdered black pepper. The reason for this wholesale black pepper powder is not considered as a raw material but as a finished product, so it will be subject to export tax and stricter standards checks.

Wholesale black pepper powder in the world will range from 4702 USD to 6770 USD per MT. Powdered black pepper will cost more than black peppercorns because it has been processed and must be strictly checked for standards such as impurities, moisture, … to be exported. These processes all require additional costs to carry out.


The price of wholesale powdered pepper is usually more expensive than the price of regular black pepper

3.3. The main factors affecting the price of wholesale black pepper

The price of wholesale coffee is always the first concern of buyers, wholesale black pepper prices are often listed on exchanges for customers to choose and compare. In the world, there is IPC – International Pepper Community, which also lists the price of wholesale black pepper every day. However, the wholesale price of black pepper is also adjusted by other factors: 

  • Supply and demand of wholesale black pepper: The output of black pepper produced remains the same, but the increasing demand for black pepper made the price of black pepper become high. At this time, the price of black pepper in the market is higher than usual because the amount used is larger than the existing demand. On the other hand, when the black pepper crop in major exporting countries fails, it is also the reason why demand exceeds supply, so the price of black pepper is higher.
  • Feature of black pepper export: Exported wholesale black pepper needs to comply with some standards according to ASTA or FAQ for maximum moisture content of 15%, maximum impurities of 0.2% and density of 500g/l or more. The lower the percentage of moisture and impurities, the higher the density, the more expensive it will be because these are high quality black pepper.
  • Shipping price of wholesale black pepper: Gasoline is currently scarce, causing the price of black pepper transportation in the world to increase. Buyers are forced to pay more delivery fees and this reduces profits.
  • Government policy for black pepper wholesale: Many countries do not tax agricultural commodities including black pepper. Importing black pepper from these countries will help buyers to save money. There are also countries that support farmers with planting land, fertilizers, etc., so the export price of black pepper is very reasonable.
  • Insurance cost of wholesale black pepper: The cost of insurance is also a factor affecting the price of black pepper and the buyer must bear this cost to ensure that the goods are protected and compensated in the event of a bad event such as a shipwreck, or a natural disaster. To save this cost, you need to consider buying insurance carefully, choosing reputable sellers. If you have no experience, you can authorize a forwarder or exporter.

Buyers need check standard specialty of wholesale black pepper before ordering

4. How to choose superior wholesale black pepper

Buyers can maintain the wholesale pepper business to reap great profits by choosing long-term cooperation with suppliers with quality products.

4.1. Choose to buy black pepper wholesale from reputable exporters

Black pepper wholesale is currently a fiercely competitive industry in the market, so to be able to survive in this market, exporters must put the mind and reputation of the business on the top.

The enterprise has been exporting wholesale black pepper for a long time, which means that the company’s black pepper products also ensure international quality in order to maintain long-term relationships. Buyers should choose reputable exporters to be able to own quality black pepper products and not be deceived.

4.2. Hire experts to visit the factory to check the quality of wholesale black pepper

It is difficult to check the quality of black pepper with the naked eye. Wholesale black pepper for export must meet basic criteria such as maximum moisture of 13.5%, maximum impurities of 1% and natural color.

However, few people can know these criteria exactly. So buyers can hire industry experts to come to the factory to take samples for inspection. Thus, the quality of black pepper can be guaranteed when you receive them. Not only with pepper products, but buyers also need to keep this in mind when buying all agricultural products such as cashews wholesale, wholesale rice… 


Choosing a reputable black pepper wholesaler can help buyers maintain long-term supply and profits

4.3. Get a sample of wholesale black pepper and read feedback from other buyers

You need to experience the actual products on hand to be able to have honest reviews.

  • Get samples of wholesale black pepper: Buyers can ask suppliers to send samples to experience the product quality firsthand. Nowadays, there are many exporters willing to send you reference samples but you have to pay for delivery. By this way, you can hold the product in your hand and thoroughly check the actual product if you buy in bulk. This is also the way many partners use when buying large value orders. You can send samples to the quality inspection center to ensure your products are provided.
  • Read feedback from other buyers: Reading feedback from other buyers is also essential and important. Almost all black pepper wholesalers have their websites and products on e-commerce platforms. You can read the feedback there and give yourself advice on where to buy wholesale black pepper. You can also compare prices between wholesalers on e-commerce platforms. Feedbacks from other buyers are genuine and trustworthy.

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