Vietnam Pepper Price Amazing Bargain For The Wholesalers

Vietnam is one of the largest producers and exporters of black pepper in the world, and the country’s pepper industry is an important contributor to its economy. The quality of Vietnamese black pepper is generally considered to be high, with a strong flavor and aroma. Therefore, if the wholesalers make an investment in Vietnam pepper, they definitely get huge bargains because Vietnam pepper price is highly attractive.

1. General situations about Vietnam pepper price

In 2021, the high price of Vietnamese pepper has helped the pepper export to reach the highest level since 2018, at the same time, pepper is also the industry with the highest export growth in the group of agricultural products. forestry and fisheries.

  • At the beginning of 2021, Vietnam pepper price increased by about 40 – 44%, increasing from 2160 – 2304 USD/ton to 3304 – 3456 USD/ton (marking a strong recovery of the pepper industry after 4 years for the domestic market). faced with the difficulties of oversupply causing pepper prices to plunge continuously.In the following period, Vietnam’s pepper price reached a peak of 3915 USD/ton, the highest price since the end of 2017. Causes of Vietnam pepper price The sharp increase in pepper in 2021 is due to the continuous decrease in the cultivated area and supply of Vietnamese pepper due to the sharp decrease in pepper prices in previous years.
  • In 2021, although Vietnam total pepper export turnover decreased compared to 2020, the export value increased by 41.98%, equivalent to 277.28 million USD compared to the whole year of 2020, showing an improvement in Vietnamese pepper price export. At the end of 2021, the wholesale price of black pepper in Vietnam is about 4190 USD/ton and white pepper at 6400 USD/ton.
  • In 2022, pepper price in Vietnam fluctuated in the first months of the year and dropped sharply in the last months of the year due to facing many difficulties in the consumption market. We will analyze each stage in detail in the following section.

Overview About Vietnam Pepper Price

2. Vietnam pepper price fluctuations on the domestic and export market

As mentioned above, currently, Vietnam’s pepper price is decreasing gradually in the late 2022 period. Now let’s analyze in detail the price movement of Vietnam’s pepper in the recent period to see the price trend and raw material. influence on pepper prices.


Vietnam Pepper Price Export And Import Situations

2.1. Pepper price in Vietnam on the export market

Considering the fluctuations of the Vietnam pepper price for export to make predictions about future prices, whether in the coming period, importing Vietnamese pepper will help businesses earn big profits or not.

  • Vietnam peppercorn price
    • In the first quarter of 2022, the export value of Vietnamese pepper reached 250.8 million USD, up 41% compared to the first quarter of 2021, equivalent to 72 million USD. The average export Vietnam pepper price reached 4664 USD/ton, up 59.6% over the same period last year. Vietnam’s pepper prices in the first quarter decreased but not significantly, so although export Vietnam pepper decreased in volume, they increased in value in most countries.
    • In June 2022 alone, the price of pepper in Vietnam continued to decline sharply, with a decrease of USD 100 million in value, equivalent to 15.1%, the average export Vietnam pepper price in the second quarter decreased by 8.2% compared to the previous quarter to a decrease of 8.2% compared to the previous quarter. 4134 USD/ton. However, for the whole first 6 months, Vietnam’s pepper export value increased by 12.8%, equivalent to 560 million USD.
    • By the end of the third quarter of 2022, the average Vietnam pepper price reached 4414 USD/ton, up 30.7% compared to the second quarter. However, since the beginning of this year, the export price of pepper has decreased by nearly 13% compared to 2021.
    • According to the latest update, the Vietnam pepper price is being offered at a new price of 3100-3200 USD/ton, 26-27% lower than the beginning of the year.
  • Vietnam pepper powder price
    • Similar to the price of pepper, wholesale pepper prices for powder pepper in Vietnam is also at an average price compared to other wholesale countries, about 3300 USD/ton. The reason why the price of pepper powder is higher than that of pepper is because of the cost of processing. processing, preservation, packaging to produce finished products.

Vietnam Pepper Price Peppercorns vs Pepper Powder In Global Market

2.2. Pepper price in Vietnam on the domestic market

Domestic pepper prices are also affected by export prices, so in the domestic market, Vietnam pepper price also tend to decrease or move sideways from day to day, but cannot return to high prices as in previous periods. previous paragraph.

  • Vietnam peppercorn price
    • In the first quarter of 2022: Vietnamese pepper prices are especially active after the Lunar New Year, sharply increasing to about 3652 – 3782 USD/ton. The reason is that trade activities with China, one of Vietnam’s largest pepper consumption markets, have been reopened, making the supply chain of pepper go smoothly. But by the end of February, Vietnam pepper price dropped by 304 USD/ton to only about 3347 – 3478 USD/ton and there were days when the price was flat during the first 3 months of the first quarter. The reason for this is the source. The supply of pepper is plentiful because Vietnam is in the new harvest, but Vietnam’s major consumer market, China, has tightened the control of the Covid 19 epidemic, leading to an excess of pepper supply.
    • In the second quarter of 2022, the Vietnam pepper price continued to decline sharply to 3000 – 3130 USD/ton, down 435 – 457 USD/ton compared to the price of about 80000 VND/kg in the first quarter. The reason is due to the crisis. energy and food crisis due to intense political conflicts between Russia and Ukraine; At the same time, China’s increasingly tight control of the disease due to concerns about the global Covid-19 wave has restricted Vietnam’s pepper exports.
    • In the second quarter of 2022, domestic pepper price in Vietnam dropped to only 2760 – 2870 VND/kg, decreased by 8 – 8.5% compared to the second quarter, this is the lowest price of Vietnam pepper in the country since March. 2021. The reason is still believed to be due to the decrease in demand for pepper in China due to the application of the Zero Covid policy by the state, and the prolonged conflict between Russia and Ukraine has led to dire consequences such as high inflation, and the VND is depreciated compared to the USD.
    • As of December 2022, the Vietnam pepper price was purchased at about 2610 USD/ton, increasing and decreasing according to the daily price adjustment.
  • Vietnam pepper powder price: On the domestic market, the price of pepper powder is about 870 USD/ton.

Vietnam Pepper Price Peppercorns vs Pepper Powder In Domestic

3. Vietnam pepper price comparing to world’s largest exporting countries

Recently, Vietnam has been the largest pepper exporter in the world. So we will compare the export price of Vietnam’s pepper with other leading pepper exporting countries.

  • It can be seen that in the first months of 2022, Vietnam’s 550g/l pepper has the highest export price compared to 500g/l pepper and pepper in the other two countries because this is the type of pepper with a larger proportion, so the quality is higher with the higher amount of seeds, more aroma and more spicy taste. However, in the last months of the year, the price of 550g/l pepper in Vietnam was 3250 USD/ton, making Vietnam’s export price of 550g/l pepper no longer the highest price.
  • In general, Vietnam pepper price is in the middle level compared to the export price of other countries. The reason for this is because Vietnam is both an exporter and a producer, so it has a large amount of pepper to supply for domestic consumption and export to the world. However, the reason that Vietnam’s export pepper price is currently on a downward trend is due to the great influence of China – Vietnam’s largest consumer – when this country issued the Zero Covid policy, focusing on fighting the epidemic, so pepper trade with other countries is limited. Another reason for Vietnam pepper price to drop is the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, which has pushed oil prices to sky-high levels, and high inflation, which makes countries restrict pepper imports. At the same time, the export price of Vietnam’s pepper is not the lowest, so many wholesalers decide to switch to importing pepper from other countries.

Vietnam Pepper Price Compares To The Global Pepper Trade

4. Vietnam pepper price daily updates

We give you information about the updates of Vietnam pepper price today, updated to 26/12/2022.

  • Vietnam pepper exporting price
Black pepper 500g/l Black pepper 550g/l White pepper
3050 USD/ton 3150 USD/ton 4550 USD/ton

Vietnam Pepper Price Daily Updates In Global Pepper Trade

According to the latest update from IPC, the Vietnam pepper price in the world market remained stable compared to a day ago.

  • Vietnam pepper domestic price
City Price (USD/ton)
Dak Lak 2544
Gia Lai 2500
Dak Nong 2544
Ba Ria – Vung Tau 2609
Binh Phuoc 2565
Dong Nai 2500

According to the latest update on December 26, domestic Vietnam pepper price is still stable in the range of 2500 – 2609 USD/ton.

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