Purchase Cinnamon In Bulk Will Bring Vast Profits To Your Company

Purchasing cinnamon in bulk can be a cost-effective way to ensure a steady supply of this popular spice. However, it’s important to do your research and choose a reputable supplier that can provide high-quality cinnamon at a reasonable price.. Continue reading this post if you want to have a better understanding of what you need to know in order to purchase cinnamon in bulk.

1. Cinnamon in bulk can be traded on the market

There are hundreds of regional, non-commercial varieties of cinnamon that are utilized for a variety of uses around the world, including in medicine, cooking, and baking.


Cinnamon In Bulk On Traded Market

  • Cinnamon is divided into two main categories: Ceylon and Cassia. Ceylon also known as “true cinnamon” -Ceylon (Cinnamomum Verum) was excavated, cultivated and started the spice trade in Sri Lanka. Meanwhile, the type of cassia is divided into three main categories: Cassia, Saigon and Korintje, all of which have similarities in colour, aroma and level of spiciness.
  • Since there are numerous varieties of cinnamon available for the wholesale cinnamon purchase, how can one determine which variety contains the “real” cinnamon, and what are the key differences between the various cinnamons? In order to provide you with an overview of the bulk cinnamon that is available, we have divided down the three most popular types of cinnamon and emphasized the characteristics that distinguish each.
    • Ceylon cinnamon: Ceylon cinnamon is considered to be the best cinnamon available on the market. Sri Lanka is the main producer of this cinnamon, and it is also where one can find Ceylon cinnamon in bulk. Ceylon cinnamon bark is slightly darker in colour and has a significantly sweeter flavour. Compared to other types of cinnamon, such as Cassia and Korintje, Ceylon cinnamon has a much lower coumarin content than other types of cinnamon available today. so its price is also the most expensive.
    • Cinnamon Korintje: Korintje cinnamon is similar to cassia cinnamon. Kortintje cinnamon, one of the varieties of cinnamon commonly imported to the United States, is produced in Indonesia. The taste is spicy and aromatic due to the high volatile oil content (about 7-8%). Because of its affordable price and strong taste, this cinnamon is widely used and bought cinnamon in bulk all over the world.
    • Saigon cinnamon commonly known as Vietnamese cinnamon is a type of cinnamon related to Chinese cinnamon. A large number of this type of cinnamon is grown in Vietnam which has the third largest export volume in the world. Saigon cinnamon has a bolder taste and darker colour than any other cinnamon. Very high oil content (1-5%) and 25% cinnamaldehyde give cinnamon a very spicy and aromatic taste. You can buy Saigon cinnamon in bulk as a spice because it has a great scent
  • Of the three types of cinnamon we mentioned above, Cassia cinnamon is the most commonly purchased and consumed cinnamon in North America.
  • Cassia cinnamon is sought after by many cinnamon wholesalers as it is a much less expensive option than Ceylon because of its simpler harvesting process.

Cinnamon from the Cassia tree is commonly sold as cinnamon sticks, split cinnamon, and broken cinnamon. This is because the process of Cassia cinnamon in bulk processing will be simple and convenient for cinnamon buyers as well as cinnamon wholesalers.

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    Types Of Cinnamon In Bulk Ceylon, Saigon, Korintje

2. Price of cinnamon in bulk

The following table will provide information about the cost of cinnamon in bulk quantities for each well-known variety of cinnamon currently available on the market.

Countries  Prices ( USD/MT) 
China  2790- 2250
Vietnam 12530 – 12420
Indonesia  3640 – 3420
Sri Lanka  10240 – 11570

Looking at the datasheet there is a significant difference in the price of cinnamon in bulk in different countries. When buying cinnamon in bulk, there is a significant price difference between Cassia cinnamon and Ceylon cinnamon, this clearly visible when looking at the overall price level.

  • The price of Ceylon cinnamon will be higher than that of Cassia in the market because the Ceylon production quantity is only available in Sri Lanka with a lower production volume than the much-produced Cassia in Asia.
  • China is currently the country with the second lowest cinnamon prices, behind only Indonesia, although China is the world’s second-largest exporter of cinnamon.
  • The price of cinnamon can vary greatly from country to country for a number of reasons, including but not limited to: Labor costs in each country; the number of products produced; variation in quality and variety of cinnamon; and the number of products produced.
  • The price of cinnamon in bulk ranges from 14.19 USD to 15.22 USD, the price has not changed much compared to the previous year despite the severity of the Covid-19 epidemic in 2021. Thereby, the cinnamon wholesale market can be seen. stable and this is also a viable channel. and safe area to invest

The Price Of Cinnamon In Bulk

3. Top country where to buy cinnamon in bulk

Throughout the years, exports of cinnamon have always included Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Indonesia, as indicated by credible reports and statistics on the subject. These are the nations that are known for their expertise in the production, processing, and distribution of cinnamon in bulk. Because of this, cinnamon wholesalers have been paying a lot of attention to both the price of cinnamon in bulk in different nations and the quality of cinnamon.


Top Cinnamon In Bulk Countries

3.1. Vietnam – Top 1 country where to buy cinnamon in bulk

When looking where to buy cinnamon in bulk, Vietnam, which has the highest cinnamon export volume in the world with a total value of $0.175 billion, may be the best country to source cinnamon from.

  • Vietnam’s cinnamon forest currently spans 2000000 hectares, and the country is working to increase that area to fulfil the global cinnamon market requirements.
  • Cinnamon has been mined and produced in Vietnam for a very long time, and the country is a major exporter and provider of cinnamon in bulk to wholesalers.
  • In addition, you don’t have to worry about the quantity when you buy Vietnamese cinnamon cause Vietnam has large-scale processing plants for raw cinnamon, cinnamon processing with up to 200 distilleries of cinnamon essential oil, and smaller-scale processing factories with an annual production of 300–800 kilograms of the cinnamon base.
  • The overall output of raw cinnamon reaches 22,000 tons per year, whereas the production of pure cinnamon only amounts to 600 tons.

The proof is that Vietnam, a promising country, is able to meet the demand for raw cinnamon as well as processed cinnamon in bulk. Additionally, Vietnam possesses reliable high-quality cinnamon processing factories that are able to import, export, and distribute to both businessmen and other nations.


Vietnam Cinnamon In Bulk

3.2. Sri Lanka – Top 2 countries where to buy cinnamon in bulk

It is well knowledge that Sri Lanka produces cinnamon of the highest quality anywhere in the world.

  • With its 25000 hectares of land dedicated to cinnamon cultivation, Sri Lanka is responsible for 10% of the world’s total cinnamon production.
  • Ceylon cinnamon is the only type of raw cinnamon that Sri Lanka is able to supply to the market, and the price of Ceylon cinnamon in bulk is significantly higher than the price of other forms of raw cinnamon.

However, the scale of cinnamon cultivation in this country has gradually decreased over the years, so if you find where to buy cinnamon in bulk, you should consider the type of cinnamon you choose and the source of capital when importing Ceylon cinnamon from Sri Lanka. This is because the scale of cinnamon cultivation in this country has gradually decreased.


Sri Lanka Cinnamon In Bulk

3.3 China – Top 3 countries where to buy cinnamon in bulk

Due to the fact that it has the highest population in the world, the local supply of cinnamon in bulk that is cultivated in this country might not be enough to satisfy the demand within the country.

  • Cinnamon is grown in a number of other countries, including Vietnam and Indonesia, and China is able to import it from those places as well.
  • When searching where to buy cinnamon in bulk, it is essential to select a vendor who is able to cater to your unique requirements.

3.4. Indonesia – Top 4 countries where to buy cinnamon in bulk

Cinnamon is produced in Indonesia at a rate of 89,000 tons per year, making it the most productive cinnamon-growing nation on the planet.


Indonesia Cinnamon In Bulk

  • Indonesia is the main producer of Cassia cinnamon, which is why large quantities of cinnamon in Indonesia are commonly used in culinary and pharmaceutical applications.
  • Cinnamon, on the other hand, has maintained its bulk selling price at a level comparable to the global average.

This country will also have the potential to provide reliable bulk cinnamon wholesale for wholesalers intending to enter the Indonesian market.

4. List of reliable companies where you can buy cinnamon in bulk

We will provide you with a list of trusted suppliers so that you can buy cinnamon in bulk for your own business easily.


Top 3 Suppliers Cinnamon In Bulk

  • Nghia Hoan Viet Agri Export: Known as one of the best cinnamon suppliers in Vietnam because of the quality of its products and how much they care about its customers. Hoan Nghia Viet Agricultural Products Export Company owns a lot of production plants to make sure they have enough cinnamon in bulk for your demand and that it is of good quality. Cinnamon wholesalers can also get services for custom product packaging. People in the market trust Viet Agri Export because their prices are lower than those of many other companies that supply provide cinnamon in bulk in the market.
  • VINASAMEX: Vinasimex is one of the largest companies in Vietnam, and its wide range of high-quality organic products has made it famous around the world. This company has the best cinnamon production base in Vietnam, so the price of cinnamon in bulk will be higher than average at this company. But compared to Sri Lanka or Indonesia, the price of cinnamon in bulk in this country is still lower and the quality is the same.
  • Lak Cinnamon: Lak Cinnamon is a famous company in Sri Lanka, which has great advantages in the production and distribution of prestigious Ceylon cinnamon. Buyers who come to this company are always satisfied by the excellent product quality and professional customer service. The price of cinnamon in bulk in Sri Lanka is always more expensive than other types of cinnamon on the market, but compared to the quality of Ceylon cinnamon they offer, the price is completely worth it.

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