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Black pepper is in favour of many people despite the dissimilar culture and traditions. Thus, each year, numerous black pepper tons are imported and exported all over the world. If you are one of the importers or exporters in this field and are concerned about black pepper prices between countries, the following information in the article could help you have a wise decision based on your needs.

1. The worldwide black pepper market price

Below the article will provide you with general information related to the global selling black pepper price so that you can get an overview of the current market price of black pepper

1.1. Black pepper price fluctuations worldwide 

In September 2022, the price for black pepper exports fluctuated unevenly in producing countries around the world, increasing in Indonesia, and stable in Malaysia, but decreasing in Vietnam and Brazil. In Indonesia, the price of black pepper was $3,824/ton, down 6.3% from August; in Vietnam, the black pepper price reached $3,300 – $3,400/ton with 500 g/l and 550 g/l, down 4.3 – 8.1%; and the price of Brazilian black pepper fell by 10.2% to $2,650/ton. 

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Fluctuation of black pepper price on the market

With the recent decline, Vietnam’s black pepper market price at the end of the third quarter fell by more than 20% compared to the beginning of 2022, black pepper in Indonesia decreased by 11.6%, especially in Brazil decreased by 35.4%. Currently, Brazil continues to have the lowest export price for black pepper among exporting nations. 

1.2. Current black pepper price in major exporting markets.

Below is an update on black pepper price today (27/11) in some major black pepper exporting countries.


Black pepper price (USD/ton)

Black Pepper Lampung (Indonesia)


Brazilian black pepper ASTA 570


Kuching Black Pepper (Malaysia) ASTA


Vietnamese black pepper 500 g/l


Vietnamese black pepper 550 g/l


Based on the table we can see, today black pepper price has different fluctuations in different countries: The price for black pepper in Malaysia remains stable compared to the previous time. Meanwhile, the price of black pepper in Indonesia and Vietnam tended to decrease slightly and Brazilian black pepper increased slightly to $50/ton, at $2,550/ton.

1.3. Forecast the global price movement of black pepper

After the epidemic, global black pepper prices have somewhat recovered by 2022. However, it is forecasted that in the short term, the world pepper price will continue to decrease due to the strong increase of the USD when there is great expectation of the US Federal Reserve (FED) raising interest rates. The Fed’s continuous increase in interest rates to limit inflation pushed the dollar to flow back into the United States. As a result, several nations are obliged to restrict the importation of non-essential products using foreign currency because of a lack of US dollars, such as pepper.

 black-pepper-price-now-can-take-profit-for-who-want-to-buy 2

Forecast the global price movement of black pepper

In addition, the fact that China stays closed to prevent the Covid 19 has resulted in the loss of a substantial portion of the global black pepper market price. Meanwhile, inventories in consumption markets are also considered to be still high.

2. Black pepper price in the world’s major export markets 

Below is information on export consumer costs in the world’s biggest markets, allowing you to readily comprehend and select the black consumer source that best matches your business. 

2.1. Black pepper price in Vietnam

Vietnam is the world’s largest exporter of black pepper at a low price due to its huge output, ideal environment, government support, and growing import and export activity. 

black-pepper-price-now-can-take-profit-for-who-want-to-buy 3

Black pepper price in Vietnam changed from 2020 to May 2022

  • In Vietnam, the current domestic black pepper price per kg is approximately 60,000 VND ($2.61/kg). Black pepper price 1kg today in Vietnam domestic is purchased at 58,000 VND/kg ($2.52/kg), down 500 VND/kg ($0.02/kg). Whereas the export price of Vietnamese black pepper types 500g/l and 550g/l is typically between $3,150 and $3,250/ton. In the third quarter of 2022, the price per ton of black pepper increased by almost $100/ton. In the early months of 2022, the export price of Vietnam’s black pepper once reached approximately $4,200/ton. The above table shows how the black pepper price in Vietnam changed from 2020 to May 2022. 
  • Vietnamese black pepper has long been highly regarded by clients all over the world due to its reasonable price in comparison to the global market and its capacity for large-scale production. 
  • It is forecasted that shortly, the domestic price of black pepper in Vietnam is expected to increase due to the scarcity of goods due to widespread crop failure in Vietnam. Regarding the black pepper price exported, there won’t be a lot of swings, yet it could fall as a result of the global economic downturn. Furthermore, China, the world’s largest pepper import market, remains closed due to the epidemic, resulting in a surplus of commodities, putting downward pressure on Vietnam’s black pepper future price in particular and the global black pepper market price in general.

2.2. Malaysian black pepper price 

As a black pepper exporting nation with the highest price among exporting nations, Malaysia’s supply of black pepper for export is still low, despite the great demand for its purchase. 

black-pepper-price-now-can-take-profit-for-who-want-to-buy 4

Malaysian black pepper price

  • In Malaysia, the black pepper price often fluctuates between $4,850 – $5,000/ton. Malaysian domestic black pepper price today declined last week as the Malaysian Ringgit fell 1% versus the USD (4.42 MYR/USD). In the meantime, the export price from Malaysia has not changed significantly in recent times and is typically stable at $4,900/ton. Currently, the price of black pepper in Malaysia is considered rather expensive in comparison to other market prices of black pepper. 
  • On the domestic market, it is anticipated that the price of black pepper will fall as a result of the Ringgit’s devaluation. On the export market, the black pepper future price from Malaysia to export is likely to remain consistent shortly, after a lengthy period of little change. 

2.3. The price of black pepper in Brazil

Brazilian black pepper price is the cheapest in the black pepper market price in the world. Because of its fertile soil, good weather for growing pepper, and investments in more modern machinery, costs have gone down sharply. So, Brazil sells its black pepper on the world market at a relatively low price, even though up to 80% of it meets the clean standard. 

black-pepper-price-now-can-take-profit-for-who-want-to-buy 5

The price of black pepper in Brazil

  • Before 2019, 1kg black pepper price in Brazil was going for 4.61 USD in 2017 and black pepper kg price in 2018 is $2.69. Now, the price of black pepper in Brazil is stable at approximately $2.625/kg, meaning $2,625/ton. In October 2022, the Brazilian black pepper price was $2,600/ton. In recent months, the amount of Brazilian pepper sold on the market at a low price has increased. Brazilian pepper dominates numerous markets, particularly in the Americas, owing to its inexpensive prices, vast supply, and affordable logistics costs. 
  • Because Brazil’s supply of black pepper to the global market is growing and can now satisfy more export requests from across the world, it is predicted that both local and export prices of black pepper will stay the same or even slightly rise.

2.4. Black pepper price in Indonesia 

Indonesia is the second-largest exporter of pepper, after Vietnam. However, black pepper prices are significantly more in Indonesia than in Vietnam. This is because Indonesia has a big pepper-growing region, but the productivity of pepper cultivation is still low. Furthermore, production technology is still outdated, and the majority of pepper is still produced traditionally, resulting in high production costs and high pepper prices. black in Indonesia is prevalent. 

black-pepper-price-now-can-take-profit-for-who-want-to-buy 6

Black pepper price in Indonesia

  • At around $3,806/ton, the price of black pepper in Indonesia is the second highest among the world’s major pepper export markets. The price for black pepper in Indonesia climbed by 0.24% in December 2022, reaching $3,813/ton. 
  • Due to the limited supply of black pepper in Indonesia and the high production expenses, Indonesian black pepper price is expected to stay high in the future. Aside from this, the price for Indonesian black pepper in Indonesia will not increase due to the global trend of falling costs.

3. Factors influencing the fluctuation of global black pepper prices 

Each country has its characteristics that affect the selling price of black pepper, but there are a few main reasons that can influence black pepper suppliers to change black pepper price

black-pepper-price-now-can-take-profit-for-who-want-to-buy 7

Factors influencing the fluctuation of global black pepper prices

  • Black pepper exporting nations are becoming increasingly concerned with the quality of the black pepper they provide to the market. They increasingly replaced human procedures, such as the drying of pepper, with machines. Numerous devices facilitate the production of black pepper of a more consistent grade, consequently increasing the price of black pepper. 
  • The export market demand for black pepper is another element that can influence the black pepper price. The demand for black pepper might fluctuate in response to factors such as economic crises or inflation, and the price for black pepper will therefore fluctuate accordingly. 
  • Shipping rates: The export price for black pepper to the world is also affected by the high or low sea freight charges in each country. 
  • International political climate: The black pepper price may also be impacted by the global political climate. A clear example of the consequence of the Covid 19 epidemic is that exporting pepper has become more difficult, especially in the Chinese market, which consumes a significant amount of black pepper. This causes the market price of black pepper to decrease.

4. Some suppliers have black pepper affordable prices you should know

Here are some of the best black pepper suppliers in the world that we have researched and selected. Below is a price list for black pepper from the suppliers we have chosen. 

Black pepper suppliers

Black pepper price

Nghia Hoan Viet Agri Export Co.Ltd

$2,600 – $4,450

Grancafe Comercio

$2,625 – $4,700

Saboor chatoor & Co., ltd 

$2,700 – $5,100

  • Nghia Hoan Viet Agri Export Co., Ltd: One of the largest black pepper exporter and agricultural products in Vietnam. Nghia Hoan Viet Agri Export Co., Ltd. can fulfil large export orders for black pepper. Here, black pepper price is also lower than that of many black pepper suppliers in Vietnam. Nghia Hoan Viet Agri Export Co., Ltd. is presently seeking and selected by a large number of consumers around the globe. 
  • Grancafe Comercio: Grancafe Comercio was founded in Brazil more than four decades ago. Its primary products include coffee, black pepper, cacao, and cloves. The price of black pepper in Grancafe is comparatively inexpensive compared to the market as a result of the company’s independence in all activities, from cultivation to production and processing. Grancafe presently supplies products to the home market as well as South American, North American, European, African, and Asian countries. 
  • Saboor chatoor & Co., Ltd: Saboor Chatoor and Company was founded in 1915 and is today one of Sri Lanka’s leading exporters of spices. With many years of experience in the export industry, Saboor chatoor & Co., ltd. can locate and acquire inexpensive sources of high-quality black pepper. This makes Saboor’s black pepper price less expensive than black pepper from other Sri Lankan supplies.
black-pepper-price-now-can-take-profit-for-who-want-to-buy 8

Some suppliers have black pepper affordable prices you should know

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