Black Pepper Exporters And Some Critical Details You Must Know 

Black pepper is a sought-after spice globally and plays a crucial role in the international spice trade. As a prospective buyer or trader, it is essential to be well-informed about black pepper exporters and the critical details of the industry. This article aims to provide valuable insights into the world of black pepper exports, including top exporters, quality considerations, and practical tips for a successful trade experience.

1. An overview of black pepper exporters 

Below is basic information about exporters of black pepper that you need to know before entering the black pepper trading market.

1.1. Define black pepper exporters

Black pepper exporters are companies or factories that provide and distribute black pepper to the market. Customer of black pepper exporter includes not only domestic people but also customers from all around the world. Exporters of black pepper may typically deliver huge quantities of black pepper to both domestic and foreign consumers.

1.2. Classification of black pepper exporters

Here are the 2 main exporters of black pepper in the world.

  • Black pepper exporters directly: These exporters are usually located in major pepper-producing countries. They can self-produce and then export to suit consumer demands. Vietnam, Brazil, Indonesia, and others are black pepper exporters countries examples for this type of exporter. These countries all have a huge pepper-growing region and a lot of experience in the manufacture of the black pepper in common. However, black pepper exporter directly in the aforementioned countries is still small and medium-sized. They fill huge orders by assembling from small production sources. 
  • Black pepper exporters indirectly: Typically, these exporters will not be able to manufacture direct exporters. They will purchase raw black pepper from other marketplaces and bring it back to their facility for preliminary processing and export. Black pepper exporters countries that fall within this category include Germany, the Netherlands, and India… In nations such as Germany and the Netherlands, which are unable to manufacture domestic black pepper, the majority of it is imported from black pepper exporters. In the instance of India, the country can manufacture, but it nevertheless imports a significant amount of black pepper from around the world.
black-pepper-exporters-and-some-critical-details-you-must-know 1

Classification of black pepper exporters

1.3. Top exporters of black pepper in the world

This graph depicts the export trends of the top ten Whole Black Peppercorn exporters from 2014 to 2021. 

According to the data table, Vietnam has consistently maintained its position as the world’s greatest black pepper exporters during the statistical period. According to 2016 data, Vietnam’s black pepper export turnover has reached 1200 million USD. Between 2014 and 2016, Indonesia ranked second after Vietnam in the black pepper export market. In 2017, however, Brazil surpassed Indonesia to become the world’s second largest exporter of black pepper. This was due to Brazil’s ability to deliver big quantities at significantly lower prices than other exporters. In addition to these three countries, you can see other exporters of black pepper on the above chart.

black-pepper-exporters-and-some-critical-details-you-must-know 2

Top 10 whole black peppercorn exporters from 2014 to 2021.

(Cre: Tridge) 

2. The situation of black pepper from black pepper exporters directly in the world 

Countries that are popular with black pepper exporters directly account for the bulk of countries that generate big amounts of black pepper. To assist you understand and evaluate the black pepper market in various nations, the following information is provided.

2.1. Vietnamese black pepper exporters 

After many years, Vietnam has consistently maintained the world’s largest black pepper exporter. 

  • Even though Vietnam is the biggest producer of black pepper in the world, exporters of black pepper there often can’t make enough on their own. Typically, they will purchase from small factories before exporting the products. However, Vietnam’s export black pepper orders are still of good quality and regularity. 
  • Vietnamese black pepper exporters main products are mainly 500g/l and 550g/l raw black pepper. Vietnamese export black pepper 500g/l and 550g/l are commonly priced at $3150/ton and $3250/ton, respectively. This pricing is reasonable in comparison to other pepper export markets across the world. Because of various favorable production conditions and the State’s efforts to encourage the growth of the black pepper export industry, Vietnam’s black pepper should be of higher quality and the price should constantly be maintained. stable. 
  • Currently, the United States and the European Union are the two major pepper export markets for Vietnamese black pepper exporters. Other markets include India, China, the Netherlands, Iceland, and so on. 
  • Vietnamese black pepper export tariffs are claimed to be cheaper than in other nations. Because the Vietnamese government has signed numerous international trade agreements, exporters of black pepper have benefited from lots of advantages in foreign countries. Because of the EVFTA, Vietnam currently has a competitive advantage over other pepper-producing countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, and Cambodia. The import tariff on the ground or crushed pepper exported to the EU has decreased from 4% to 0%.

Check the essential information for importing black pepper

Black pepper market price

Black pepper in Vietnamese

black-pepper-exporters-and-some-critical-details-you-must-know 3

Vietnamese black pepper exporters

2.2. Brazilian black pepper exporters 

Because of its low market price, black pepper in Brazil is becoming increasingly popular in many international markets

  • Similar to Vietnam, Brazilian black pepper exporters primarily exports raw pepper that has undergone preliminary processing. 
  • Black pepper is currently the most affordable spice on the market. This pricing is typically around 2600 USD/ton. Brazilian exporters may offer black pepper at this price because the country’s growing conditions are excellent. Furthermore, Brazil is investing in new machinery and developing manufacturing technology to significantly lower production costs and increase export pepper quality. Despite the low price, the pepper export business in Brazil has not yet benefited from tariff incentives from trade agreements. This is still a minus point for Brazilian black pepper exporter. 
  • Customers for Brazilian black pepper exporters include the EU, the United States, Uruguay, Argentina, and the United Arab Emirates… 

2.3. Exporters of black pepper from Indonesia 

Previously, Indonesia was the second largest black pepper exporter behind Vietnam. However, because of the use of backward production, the production costs were high, resulting in low production productivity and a decrease in the export volume of black pepper in Indonesia. 

  • Indonesian black pepper exporters often sell raw or partially processed black pepper. 
  • The price of black pepper in Indonesia is often expensive, roughly $300-500 USD/ton higher than the price in Vietnam, which is 3800 USD/ton. This is the second-highest price among black pepper exporters in the world. This price may be considerably higher when exported to other nations because Indonesian black pepper exporters do not benefit from significant tax breaks like those enjoyed by Vietnam. Due to high pricing, it is difficult to export black pepper from Indonesia to countries such as the EU, which always has a significant demand for pepper imports and accounts for a large market share in the world. 
  • Indonesia presently exports black pepper to at least 19 nations, including the United States, Australia, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, and others.
black-pepper-exporters-and-some-critical-details-you-must-know 4

Exporters of black pepper from Indonesia

3. The situation of black pepper from black pepper exporters indirectly in the world

In addition to direct exporters in key markets, black pepper exporters indirectly from Germany, the Netherlands, and India… 

3.1. German black pepper exporters 

Germany exported $111 million in pepper in 2020, making it the world’s seventh-largest exporter of black pepper. 

  • Black pepper exporters in Germany are typically imported from countries such as Vietnam, Brazil, and others. Vietnam’s black pepper accounts for the majority of the German pepper import market. 
  • After being imported from Germany, black pepper will be processed into finished products such as powdered black pepper and oleoresin. Powdered black pepper, in particular, is the most processed and exported product by German exporters of black pepper. According to statistics, the price of powdered black pepper in Germany is between 12000 and 12900 USD per ton. For example, the export tariff on this product in Germany is around 1.5%. 
  • Austria ($14.9M USD), France ($14.4M USD), Poland ($4.3M USD), the Netherlands ($8.29M USD), and the United States are the top consuming markets for German black pepper exporters ($6. 58M USD). 
black-pepper-exporters-and-some-critical-details-you-must-know 5

German black pepper exporters

3.2. Black pepper exporters in the Netherlands 

The Netherlands’ black pepper exporter actively imports black pepper from various producers for internal consumption or re-export. The Netherlands is reported to have exported a total of 786 million tonnes as of January 2020, approximately half of which is ground black pepper. 

  • The Netherlands is claimed to have imported 920 Mt as of January 2020, 786 Mt of which was used for re-export. The Netherlands’ top five black pepper exporters countries are Vietnam (362 Mt), Brazil (215 Mt), Indonesia (140 Mt), Spain (99 Mt), and Germany (21 Mt). 
  • The price of ground black pepper from the Netherlands’ black pepper exporter is normally around 5500 USD per ton. The tariff price of Dutch ground black pepper, for instance, is normally very low, and it is 0% in nations in the same EU area. 
  • Ground black pepper from the Netherlands’ black pepper exporters is widely exported throughout Europe. Belgium with 151 million tons, Germany with 136 million tons, France with 104 Mt, Austria with 64 Mt, and the Czech Republic with 52 MT are the top five Dutch pepper-consuming countries as of January 2020. 

3.3. India’s black pepper exporters 

Despite being a black pepper grower, India has a high demand for black pepper. Aside from its use as a spice, black pepper is also employed in the oil processing sector in India. 

  • To supply the oleoresin sector with necessary raw materials, India obtains a huge amount of raw black pepper from black pepper exporters in Vietnam, Brazil, and Sri Lanka,… 
  • After extracting oleoresin from black pepper, the price of this product is approximately 10000-12000 USD/ton, which is double the price of raw black pepper. The export tariff price of this item is typically around 3-4%. 
  • Currently, India is the largest exporter of black pepper essential oil in the world and distributes this product to most countries.
black-pepper-exporters-and-some-critical-details-you-must-know 6

Indian black pepper exporters

4. How to Find Black Pepper Exporters 

If you’re looking to buy black pepper, you’re probably wondering where you might discover reliable exporters. Here are some pointers to assist you in finding the best black pepper exporter for you. 

4.1. Selection criteria for black pepper exporter

Here are some reliable black pepper exporter evaluation criteria.

  • Prestige and the ability to supply enormous amounts: Prestigious exporters of black pepper are businesses that can give you documents proving their operation (such as a business license, a certificate of authenticity, etc.) import and export alone, etc. Furthermore, exporters must demonstrate their ability to handle large-volume requests. 
  • The product quality satisfies the criteria and is consistent: Product quality is also an important consideration. Black pepper exporters must supply you with information about the product’s origin. Furthermore, necessary documentation such as product quality certificates, phytosanitary certificates, and so forth are available. 
  • Reasonable Price is a key consideration while learning about exporters. The price offered by exporters of black pepper must be reasonable and lucrative for you. 
  • Experience in exporting black pepper: The black pepper exporters must be familiar with the export procedure and necessary documentation to ensure that the black pepper reaches clients quickly and efficiently while maintaining its quality. Furthermore, these exporters of black pepper must have warranties policies to prevent unexpected events throughout the import and export processes. 
black-pepper-exporters-and-some-critical-details-you-must-know 7

Selection criteria for black pepper exporters

4.2. How to find exporters of black pepper

Here are a few ways to help you find a reputable black pepper exporter that you can cooperate with and make your black pepper trade go smoothly.

Some direct ways you can find exporters of black pepper

  • Go to the factory or company by yourself to find out
  • Through the referral of the embassy the buyer has to pay a fee

If it is not possible to do the direct methods, here are some indirect ways that we suggest for you to help you find the black pepper exporters

  • International agricultural fair
  • Search on Google
  • Search through e-commerce sites like Alibaba.
black-pepper-exporters-and-some-critical-details-you-must-know 8

How to find black pepper exporters

4.3. How to avoid being scammed 

The black pepper export industry developed, followed by many bad people impersonating black pepper exporters to gain illicit profits. Here are a few tips to assist you to avoid being scammed while shopping. 

There are several ways to learn more about black pepper exporter

  • Examine the business license, get input, and conduct a multi-channel evaluation. 
  • Request that the exporter gives you feedback from prior clients. 
  • Contact the exporter and request to see the product in person or via video conferencing. 

The following are warning signs of a scammer

  • Not understanding the product, and not comprehending the export process. 
  • The price from exporters of black pepper is too low in comparison to the market price of black pepper. 
  • When an exporter has not provided a clear contract, always insist on paying or depositing 50% of the products in advance.
black-pepper-exporters-and-some-critical-details-you-must-know 9

Tips to not get scammed black pepper exporters

5. Efficient workflow with black pepper exporters 

To be able to complete an order safely and efficiently, here is the process of working with black pepper exporters that you should know.

  • Step 1: Buyer sends the letter of intent
  • Step 2: Seller replies with official FCO
  • Step 3: Discuss the terms in FCO
  • Step 4: Agree with the final FCO
  • Step 5: Send draft contract
  • Step 6: Discuss and finish the contract
  • Step 7: Send a sample for testing (optional)
  • Step 8: Buyer visit and face-to-face meeting in our office and factory (under our host) (Optional)
  • Step 9: Payment instrument
  • Step 10: Loading goods and sending the documents
  • Step 11: Track the vessel (sailing duration depends on the destination, normally ranges from 1-3 weeks)
  • Step 12: Finish remaining payment if any and send commission to all involved partners
  • Step 13: After-sale service
  • Step 14: Buyer repeats the order
black-pepper-exporters-and-some-critical-details-you-must-know 10

Efficient workflow with black pepper exporters

6. The world’s most famous black pepper exporters 

Here are three exporters of black pepper from the top three countries with the largest black pepper export value in the world that you should be aware of. 

  • Hoan Nghi Viet Agri Export: Hoan Nghi Viet Agri Export is a black pepper exporter in Vietnam with over 30 years of experience in agricultural product exportation. With many years of experience, the company can discover high-quality black pepper suppliers in Vietnam and sell them at a lower cost than other Vietnamese black pepper exporters. Customers looking to buy black pepper in quantity can rely on Hoan Nghi Viet Agri Export.
  • Royal Spices: Royal Spices is a global company that sells agricultural products all over the world. Royal Spice has exported black pepper too many countries across the world. Because this company has many branches in many different countries, it can combine products from many different countries and sell black pepper at a lower price than many other exporters. Many overseas consumers have had positive experiences with Royal Spices.
  • Almada Export Inc: Almada Export, a renowned Brazilian black pepper exporter with 20 years of experience, is trusted and purchased by many consumers. Almada sources items from hundreds of local farmers, ensuring that buyers receive high-quality products. Almada currently exports thousands of socks to markets all over the world. 
black-pepper-exporters-and-some-critical-details-you-must-know 11

Hoan Nghi Viet Agri Export


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