All About Vietnamese Cinnamon That Might Be Known In Depth

Delve into the fascinating world of Vietnamese cinnamon with our in-depth guide that uncovers everything you need to know about this highly prized spice. From its rich history to the unique cultivation and processing methods, we shed light on the factors that set Vietnamese cinnamon apart from other varieties. Join us on this flavorful journey as we reveal the secrets of Vietnamese cinnamon and its undeniable allure.

1. General introduction about Vietnamese cinnamon

Here is some of the most often asked questions by customers about Vietnam cinnamon, and the following answers responded.

1.1. Explain exactly what is Vietnamese cinnamon

Here is a simple and easy-to-understand concept regarding Vietnam cinnamon.

Vietnamese cinnamon comes from a Cinnamomum tree, has a pungent, aromatic bark, and is cultivated in Vietnam. The Cassia variety of cinnamon is mostly grown in the northern provinces of Vietnam. Customers all over the world favor cinnamon Vietnamese for its low pricing and numerous positive attributes, including its musky scent, robust spicy flavor, and sweet aftertaste.


Basic definition of cinnamon in Vietnamese

1.2. Vietnamese cinnamon difference in biological features

The following table provides a quick overview of the most important aspects of cinnamon in Vietnamese and the various products that feature it.

Vietnamese cinnamon
Type Cassia
Color Reddish – brown
Taste Spicy sweet with a bit bitter
Texture Rough and thick
Coumarin Content 3.6 – 5%
Roll grade 85 – 95%
Thickness 2 – 3mm
Moisture content 12 – 13.5%
Oil content 2 – 4%
Products Sticks, powder, spilt, broken, oil, cigarette
Many people describe the taste of Vietnam cinnamon as being spicy, with a touch of bitterness to counteract the sugary sweetness. The average cinnamon bark roll is between 85% and 95% in thickness, making it thick (between 2 and 3 mm) and durable (not easily broken). Rolls come in a variety of sizes and shapes, each with its own unique price. As Cassia cinnamon accounts for the vast majority of Vietnam’s spices production, you can expect an average coumarin level of around 4%. Vietnamese cinnamon for export typically has a moisture level of 12.5-13.5 percent and an oil content of 2 percent to 4 percent. This allows for minimum quality loss during the preservation and storage processes. There is a wide variety of Vietnam cinnamon goods on the market, from sticks to powder to split and broken and oil and cigarettes.

Vietnamese cinnamon difference based on features

1.3. Is cinnamon from Vietnam good for customers in global trade

When it comes to spices imports, every country has its own unique preferences. In certain nations, best Vietnamese cinnamon is used primarily in the preparation of spices and medications, while in others it is used primarily as a means of heating the home, in religious or protective rituals, or to ward off evil spirits.

  • Countries that import Vietnamese cinnamon for commercial purposes and resell for makeing profit: These include China, Indonesia, and India; they buy vast amounts of cinnamon in Vietnamese at wholesaler prices, then bring it back for preliminary processing and distribution, re-print the packaging, and then sell the finished products to both local and foreign markets to earn huge returns.
  • Countries that import cinnamon in Vietnamese for product consumption: These include markets in Europe, America, and Nepal; they import Vietnam cinnamon to produce spices for dishes such as apple pie, highly fragrant and nutritious seasoning sauce, and so on. Furthermore, they import best Vietnamese cinnamon sticks to produce Christmas decorations since the product’s hardness, thickness, and warm aroma exceed their own production criteria. This Vietnam spices is used in herbal treatments for the treatment of colds, coughs, the flu, and headaches in Nepal.

In conclusion, Vietnam cinnamon is very good and safe , clients don’t need to worry too much about the quality or products’ safety.


Vietnam cinnamon is good and safe for everyone

1.4. Is Vietnamese cinnamon safe for all of us

Vietnam cinnamon is safe if used correctly, in the right audience, and in the right dose.

Most medical professionals agree that a single daily serving of 3 to 5 grams of cinnamon powder is all that’s necessary to reap the health benefits of cinnamon for an average adult (aged 15 to 45). If you have hypertension, you should not consume more than 2 grams of cinnamon in a single sitting. Excessive usage of cinnamon raises the risk of liver damage and cancer since it contains coumarin, of which Vietnam cinnamon typically contains about 4%.

The variety of best Vietnamese cinnamon, however, is not only perfectly safe for human consumption, but is also one of the most highly prized components in many international cuisines by reaserachers in pharmaceutical industry.

2. Vietnamese cinnamon’s export value and wholesale pricing

The wholesale Vietnamese price and export value statistics for Vietnam cinnamon are provided here for your convenience.

2.1. Vietnamese cinnamon is favoured shown by the export value in global

The following table compares the export value of cinnamon from the world’s leading spices suppliers. The statistics are taken from and

Top suppliers nations Export Value of Cinnamon in 2020 Export Value of Cinnamon in 2021
Vietnam $235M $251M
China $169M $275M
Indonesia $132M $160M
Sri Lanka $206M $247M
Remarkable development in export value has been seen in the leading countries’ spices markets, according to figures. It is worth noting that Vietnam is one of the leading export markets for cinnamon, and its value is expected to expand at a very faster pace. This issue has arisen because of a combination of factors, including the global demand for multi-purpose Vietnamese cinnamon as a spice, refined product, and medicinal herb, and the recovery of the economy following the epidemic.

The export value of Vietnam cinnamon

2.2. Wholesale price of Vietnamese cinnamon from a few Vietnamese firms

This article includes a breakdown of the wholesale cost of cinnamon based on data collected from the companies’ respective websites.

Vietnamese agricultural enterprises Wholesale price of Vietnam cinnamon ($/MT)
Nghia Hoan Viet Agri Export 2200 – 4500$
99 Gold Data Processing Trading Company Limited 1600 – 5600$
Cinasamex International JSC 3500 – 5000$
Using data from a number of Vietnamese companies, we can observe that the wholesale price of Vietnam cinnamon fluctuates from around $1,500 per metric ton to almost $6,000. This distinction is due to the fact that best Vietnamese cinnamon comes in a number of forms, including sticks, powder, cigarette, spilt, and broken; each type has a different price. In addition, the price of wholesale cinnamon transaction supplied by Vietnamese firms will increase proportionally to its quality.

The wholesale price of Vietnam cinnamon

3. Vietnamese Cinnamon What Drives Its Wholesale Costs

A variety of elements, including demand and supply, product standards, and government import and export policies, contribute to the wide range of wholesale prices for Vietnam cinnamon.

  • High demand can prompt the wholesale price of Vietnamese cinnamon to increase: Because Vietnamese’s cinnamon has many uses as well as the ability to bring significant financial value to businesses. They picked up on this trend, and now importing cinnamon from Vietnam, mark it up, and resell it to consumers all over the world for a profit.
  • Mass production of Vietnam cinnamon can have an impact on the price stability: Due to the enormous area planted to cinnamon in Vietnam, the supply of Vietnam spices is indeed very massive. Hence, buyers may be comfortable when referring to the price of best Vietnamese cinnamon, as its wholesale price is relatively steady.
  • The price varies based on the standard of each type of cinnamon: If a customer wishes to use Vietnamese cinnamon oil to produce high-end massage oil, for instance, the oil with a 4% oil content will cost more than the oil with a 3% oil content.
  • Government support to lower taxes, customs fees, transportation costs, and storage costs: The price of Vietnam cinnamon FOB would not rise too much if suppliers are aided by the government, who controll the tax exemption and other additional charges.

Factors affect Vietnam cinnamon cost

4. Characteristics of the businesses run by Vietnamese cinnamon suppliers

Each cinnamon in Vietnamese supplier has its own distinct qualities, as well as diverse production and commercial strategies. With the information provided here, you should have a much easier time grasping their ideas.

  • Vietnamese cinnamon suppliers are able to produce and wholesale to meet the demands of export markets: Thanks to their command of product supply, familiarity with production coordination, and extensive knowledge of this spices. Their target markets include countries that import a lot of cinnamon, such as China, India, and the United States.
  • Small and medium-sized cinnamon Vietnamese suppliers served for the domestic demands: By purchasing cinnamon from the major producers and reselling it to other enterprises and eateries. Their target customers are local residents with small business scale.

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Characteristic of cinnamon Vietnamese suppliers

5. Recommended prominent manufacturers of Vietnamese cinnamon

The following is a selection of the several best cinnamon Vietnamese suppliers publicly available.

5.1. Hoan Nghia Viet Agriculture Products Limited Export Company

Nearly 30 years ago, Nghia Hoan Viet Company began trading and exporting agricultural products to international markets. Cinnamon are the company’s best-selling product, accounting for the majority of its profits.

  • The company was founded in 1995 and has since grown thanks to the efforts of a group of young, ambitious, and creative individuals.
  • Nghia Hoan Viet Co.Ltd is a wholesaler of best Vietnamese cinnamon, pepper, rice, star anise, and coffee.
  • Many buyers have commented positively on the quality of the products.

Hoan Nghia Viet Agriculture Products Limted Export Company

5.2. Cinasamex International JSC

The company’s primary mission is to provide clients with high-quality goods at competitive prices. Products must be 100 percent natural, with no added dyes, additives, or contaminants, for the sake of both the customers’ and the citizenry’s health.

  • The firm has been operating in the agricultural industry since its inception in 2012, giving it nearly a decade of expertise.
  • The company’s main products are Vietnam cinnamon, star anise, ginger, black pepper, cashew nuts coffee beans, fresh fruits, fresh coconut, fresh durian, biomass.
  • Overall, the quality of the product is considered to be above par.

5.3. Agrideco Vietnam Co. Ltd

The cinnamon produced by Agrideco Vietnam Co. Ltd is well-known throughout the country. In order to provide the best products to clients, the company built a facility in Yen Bai, Vietnam, the site of the greatest cinnamon growing area in the country.

  • With its beginnings in 2015, the firm now boasts over 7 years of experience in the industry.
  • The company primarily exports Vietnam cinnamon, star anise, wood pellot, carrots, chili peppers, and cabbage.
  • The product’s high quality garnered stellar reviews from satisfied buyers.

Agrideco Vietnam Co. Ltd

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